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PolicyLab Transitions COVID-Lab Model

For over a year, an interdisciplinary team from PolicyLab and the University of Pennsylvania have been maintaining a unique county-level COVID-19 forecasting model known as COVID-Lab, which has helped inform the efforts of policymakers, education leaders and community decision-makers across the U.S. as they navigated the pandemic.

Now, as community transmission has declined throughout the U.S., we will no longer provide weekly COVID-19 forecasts, but will continue to monitor community transmission and may return from time to time to update the models should cases pick up again. The team also anticipates blogging during the summer season to update our guidance as communities prepare for the upcoming school year. Subscribe to PolicyLab’s bi-weekly newsletter to be notified via email when the model is updated.

Be sure to also read our new blog post weighing in on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's latest masking recommendations and offering guidance for summer camps as they prepare to reopen, as well as a post outlining the modeling team’s top three lessons learned from this journey as this chapter of the pandemic ends.