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PUSH: Providing Unique Support for Health for Young Black and Latino Men

Statement of Problem

There are approximately 37,600 new human immunodeficiency (HIV) infections each year in the United States, with adolescents and young adults ages 13-24 making up 21 percent of new diagnoses. Urban cities such as Baltimore, Washington, D.C., and Philadelphia are especially burdened by high and increasing rates of new HIV infections. In addition, youth of color, young transgender women and men who have sex with men (MSM) are disproportionately affected by HIV.

One of the most challenging aspects of HIV prevention and treatment is medication adherence to prevent HIV infection or, for those living with HIV, to achieve viral suppression and engage and retain youth in care. Other risky behaviors, such as substance use, can further complicate and hinder prevention and treatment plans.  As a supplement to routine medical care, innovative digital solutions can provide real-time support and feedback for these young people—who are constant consumers of technology—to help them with HIV prevention and treatment as well as substance abuse treatment to improve their health outcomes.


Next Steps

PUSH may have broad implications for identifying, engaging, retaining and improving health outcomes for adolescents and young adults living with HIV and those at high risk for HIV infection who are underserved, underinsured and hard to reach. This type of mHealth intervention with direct health coach support and interaction provides an opportunity to diversify and improve health care using technology. Plans for mHealth/eHealth sustainability and MEI updates are in development.

This project page was last updated in July 2019.

Suggested Citation

Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, PolicyLab. PUSH: Providing Unique Support for Health for Young Black and Latino Men [online]. Available at: [Accessed: plug in date accessed here]. 

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