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Gabrielle DiFiore MPH

Clinical Research Coordinator

Gabrielle DiFiore (she/her) is a clinical research coordinator at PolicyLab and Clinical Futures at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. She works with Dr. Stephanie Mayne on various projects evaluating the influence of multi-level factors, including neighborhood environments, on health behaviors and chronic disease outcomes. She also works alongside Dr. Alexander Fiks and Dr. Brian Jenssen on primary-care based projects aiming to improve pediatric care and health outcomes.

Ms. DiFiore has experience with both qualitative and quantitative policy-implicated research. She has previously worked with Dr. Aletha Akers on a number of sexual and reproductive health projects, including aiming to improve contraception continuation and adherence and how to better understand how a health coaching approach can be integrated into the clinical care setting. She also coordinated content development and marketing approaches for the ParentsAreTalking website, which aims to provide parents with the information and skills necessary for communicating with their adolescents about various sexual and reproductive health topics.

Ms. DiFiore received her Master of Public Health in Community Health and Prevention with a focus in Maternal and Child Health from Drexel University. Prior to her master’s program, she completed her bachelor’s degree in neuroscience from the University of Pittsburgh.