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Telehealth as a Promising Strategy in the Future of Adolescent Health

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Adolescents are uniquely poised to benefit from telehealth due to their familiarity with technology, their increasing independence and desire for privacy.  

PolicyLab and CHOP research expands on previously limited data and demonstrates a clear desire among adolescents, caregivers, and providers for continued telehealth services and related benefits. 

However, there is opportunity to further understand when and how telehealth works best for adolescents and to ensure that health systems and telehealth policy support adolescent health care specifically. 

This issue brief summarizes our findings on telehealth usage and views on acceptability, and offers recommendations for creating a policy, payer and provider landscape that supports adolescents’ use of telehealth.   

With a view toward equity, this brief also emphasizes the integral role of continued coverage and reimbursement for telehealth and the importance of partnerships and collaborations outside of health care to ensure equitable access to high quality telehealth services. 


Pennotti R, Dowshen N, Schwartz LA, Chuo J