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Meeting Adolescents Where They Are: Hybrid Virtual-in-Person Visits for Routine Preventative Care

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Only 50% of adolescents have had a health supervision visit in the past year, missing a critical opportunity for clinicians to influence health, development, screening, and counseling. Telehealth allows an opportunity to meet the needs of hard-to-reach adolescents and redefine what it means to support patients wherever they are. Despite professional organization endorsement, a hybrid care model for adolescent preventive care—starting a visit virtually with an in-person follow-up visit as needed—has not been well explored. We designed and tested a hybrid well-visit pilot for hard-to-reach adolescents lost to follow-up.


Jenssen B, Ramachandran J, DiFiore G, Powell M, Fuller KM, Luberti A, Fiks AG