Announcing Pilot Grant Program Awardees

Last year, PolicyLab joined forces with the Center for Pediatric Clinical Effectiveness (CPCE) to administer a pilot grant program that supports Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia investigators in launching research studies aimed at answering cutting edge clinical questions, developing or informing clinical programs, or influencing practice and policy for children and families in our community.

I am excited to announce that CPCE and PolicyLab funded researchers Sarah Wood, MD, MSHP, Vicky Tam, MA, Jungwon Min, PhD, MS, Joanne Wood, MD, MSHP, Linda McWhorter, PhD, Devon Kratchman, Emily DePaul, MPH, MA, Nadia Dowshen, MD, MSHP, Ava Skolnik, MPH, Leila Posch, MD, Jeffrey Gerber, MD, PhD, and Yun Li, PhD, grants to conduct innovative, one-year projects that we believe can influence policy and practice changes and produce effective evidence so that the populations we serve receive the care they need to become healthy, productive adults. Be sure to read our new blog post that dives deeper into the program and discusses the details of our researchers’ exciting projects.