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Xianqun Luan MS

Research Scientist

Xianqun Luan is a research scientist at PolicyLab at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP). His work focuses on data engineering and statistical methods for utilizing medical and billing data in public health policy research, cost-effectiveness analysis, clinical quality improvement and clinical performance.

Xianqun has held several positions at CHOP since 2001, including biostatistician, clinical research data analysis unit technical director and clinical improvement group technical director. He is currently working in an observational research unit with Dr. Jing Huang to cooperate with PolicyLab’s research team. More specifically, he is working within several research areas, including data integration and data engineering, creating algorithms for analysis cohort, statistical methods for the observational study, and time-series analysis. His research goal is to apply practical analysis approaches to assess performance and outcome with accountable data and a valid population.