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Diya Nag MPH, CHES

Clinical Research Coordinator

Diya Nag (they/she) is a clinical research coordinator at PolicyLab and the Qualitative Research Core at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. In this role, she supports research surrounding service coordination for home-visited families experiencing intimate partner violence as well as the integration of home visiting into clinical systems. Additionally, Diya works on school-based projects aimed at increasing student access to mental health services. She lends support through her expertise in qualitative research methods including conducting interviews, focus groups and qualitative coding analysis.  

Previously, Diya worked as a sexual health educator in Philadelphia high schools. During their graduate studies, they completed research regarding barriers to accessing quality fertility, pregnancy, and birth care for transgender men and nonbinary people. Additionally, they were a part of the LGBTQ Health Projects Team at the NYC Department of Health.  

Diya received her bachelor's degrees in biology and in science, technology, and society from Vassar College and her Master of Public Health from Columbia University.