Alix Timko PhD

Faculty Member

Dr. C. Alix Timko is a faculty member at PolicyLab at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) and a clinician-scientist in the Eating Disorder Assessment and Treatment Program at CHOP. Dr. Timko is an expert in the area of eating behavior in young adults, the use of acceptance-based behavioral therapy in treating eating disorders and in the presentation of disordered eating in boys. 

Currently, Dr. Timko is expanding her expertise as a National Institutes of Mental Health-funded Scholar in the prestigious “Building Interdisciplinary Research Careers in Women’s Health” (BIRCWH) program. The goal of this K12 program is to extend her expertise into the area of neuroscience, specifically in behavioral neuroendocrinology and the use of neuroimaging to study sex as a variable in eating disorders. She is focusing on neurocognition, reward circuitry and the roles they play in the development and progression of anorexia nervosa. Moreover, Dr. Timko studies how sex differences in social reward affect anorexia development and progression in adolescents. She is also interested in neuroinflammation as a predictor of anorexia. Ultimately, she is striving to understand the role of sex hormones in anorexia, how malnutrition during this sensitive period impacts brain development, and to identify hormonal or other biomarkers that predict risk or resilience for a protracted course of illness. This research will inform the development of novel, more effective interventions for this population. 

In addition, Dr. Timko is examining the use of Cognitive Remediation Therapy (CRT) with adolescents in hospital due to their severe anorexia. She is determining whether this adjunctive outpatient treatment for anorexia can be initiated in the acute medical inpatient setting, and whether this application enhances patient willingness to engage in treatment post-discharge. Through these studies, Dr. Timko will improve both the acute treatment and long-term prognosis of adolescents who suffer with anorexia. 

Dr. Timko received her PhD from Drexel University and completed her post-doctoral fellowship at Renfrew Center in Philadelphia, PA.