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Acceptability of Telehealth for Gender-affirming Care in Transgender and Gender Diverse Youth and Their Caregivers

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Gender-affirming care (GAC) is critical to the well-being of transgender and gender diverse youth and was limited by COVID-19 stay-at-home orders. Telehealth created opportunities for youth to continue receiving lifesaving care. We examined the attitudes of patients (n=21) and caregivers (n=38) receiving telehealth-delivered GAC (TGAC) from May to July 2020. Participants completed surveys after telehealth visits. Descriptive statistics compared telehealth with in-person visits across key domains. Overall, 86.5% of patients and 95.4% of caregivers were satisfied with medical TGAC and 94.3% and 93.3% were satisfied with behavioral health TGAC. Future research should determine the effectiveness of TGAC and identify areas for improvement.


Apple DE, Lett E, Wood S, Freeman Baber K, Chuo J, Schwartz LA, Petsis D, Faust H, Dowshen N