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PolicyLab Releases Updated Evidence and Guidance for In-person Schooling during the COVID-19 Pandemic

PolicyLab released updated guidance today for school operations during COVID-19, which expands upon a previous version from August 2020 focused on school reopening to provide the latest evidence and continued support to school leaders as they negotiate the dynamic challenges of the pandemic and plan for the future. Within this policy review, our experts highlight where there is limited research and feature the experiences of school districts and universities across the world. We intend for this review to serve as a guide for decision-makers considering interventions to reduce transmission risk in schools.

This document contains a review of the evidence for school operations during the pandemic, updated incremental strategies for reopening schools, foundational components of school safety plans, recommended interventions for K-12 schools, and much more. Be sure to read our updated policy review and our executive summary, which outlines key informational priorities discussed in this policy review.