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PolicyLab Releases 2023 Impact Report

PolicyLab is excited to share our 2023 Impact Report, our third annual report highlighting examples of how our center took an evidence-to-action approach to improve children’s health and well-being during the past year.  

Through this report, we drew on the strength of our unique model that pairs researchers with policy and communications experts to advance innovative research that can improve programs for families, and provide policy support to move us closer to achieving our vision of all children, teens and caregivers having the evidence-informed, sustainable programs and policies they need to be their healthiest selves. 

This annual report also demonstrates progress we’ve made on the goals within our three-year strategic plan, which we renewed this year and continues to guide our center as we plan to celebrate our 15th anniversary this fall! 

Explore the report to learn more about PolicyLab, the impact of our work across research, programs, and policy, our reach as a center, and how we can collaborate to improve the health and well-being of children, teens and their families.