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PolicyLab & the Center for Violence Prevention Release Brief on Preventing Unintentional Firearm Injury & Death Among Youth

PolicyLab in collaboration with the Center for Violence Prevention at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, released a first-of-its-kind Evidence to Action brief that reviews the effectiveness of numerous firearm policies through a child-focused lens and provides recommendations to protect children from the dangers of firearms.

This unique, solutions-focused resource evaluates existing research on firearm policies and interventions that could have an impact on unintentional firearm injury and death among youth based on the strength of the available data. Additionally, the authors propose actionable recommendations, including implementing evidence-backed policies like Child Access Prevention laws, funding and building a comprehensive firearm-focused research agenda to fill in gaps in data, and promoting safe gun storage practices for families in communities and pediatric settings. The researchers hope that the guidance outlined in this important brief will inspire action, particularly as firearm sales have spiked amid the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Read the full Evidence to Action brief, learn more about the project, and access key messages, social media posts, graphics and template newsletter language to share these informative resources with your networks through our partner toolkit.