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PolicyLab Celebrates Teen Health Week

Adolescence is a critical time of development and teens face many unique challenges to their health and well-being. From navigating the transition to adult care, behavioral health concerns, and sexual and reproductive issues, this time can have implications on the rest of a teen’s life. 

This Teen Health Week, we’re sharing new resources that seek to help us better understand and address adolescents’ unique needs. 

Due to their familiarity with technology, their increasing independence and desire for privacy, teens are uniquely poised to benefit from telehealth. In a new issue brief, we offer recommendations for creating a policy, payer and provider landscape that supports adolescents’ use of telehealth. 

Access the brief here. 

Additional resources:

Be sure to check back throughout the week as we share new content and engage with us on social media (@PolicyLabCHOP) to join the conversation using #TeenHealthWeek. Beyond Teen Health Week, our Adolescent Health and Well-being Portfolio aims to support adolescents' development into healthy, productive adults all year long.