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PolicyLab Celebrates Minority Health Month

The COVID-19 pandemic is magnifying troubling inequities in our health care system. This Minority Health Month, PolicyLab is renewing our focus on how policies and programs can improve the health of historically marginalized children and adolescents. To acknowledge the need to protect racial/ethnic minority families as we navigate this crisis, our experts wrote two influential blog posts: 

  • PolicyLab researcher Katherine Yun, MD, MHS, and Pediatric Resident at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Christina Rojas, MD, wrote about recent research showing pediatricians are underprepared to care for immigrant families and how we can better support this population during times of crisis.
  • PolicyLab researcher Wanjiku F.M. Njoroge, MD, discusses how inclusive research can help reduce disparities in NICU care for racially/ethnically diverse parents and babies in her recent blog post.

Be sure to check out both blog posts as we wrap up National Minority Health Month!