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Announcing the Fall 2023 Pilot Grant Program Awardees

Through PolicyLab’s joint pilot grant program with Clinical Futures, we have the opportunity to review proposals for pioneering research studies aimed at answering cutting-edge clinical questions, developing or informing clinical programs, or influencing practice and policy for children and families in our community. PolicyLab has proudly funded 14 projects since the program’s inception and today, I am excited to announce our fall 2023 Clinical Futures and PolicyLab pilot grant funding awardees.

  • Stephanie Kerkvliet, MD, and Sandra Amaral, MD, MHS — “Understanding Barriers to Living Donor Pediatric Kidney Transplantation in Families with Non-English Language Preference”

    • Read more about the project here.

  • Arthur M. Lee, MD, Michelle R. Denburg, MD, MSCE, Chrissy Burke, MSN, CRNP, Lawrence Copelovitch, MD, and Rui Xiao, PhD — “P/paraDIGM - A Paired Pre/post-Dialysis Investigation of Global Metabolomics” 
  • Nora Gibson, MD, Sandra Amaral, MD, MHS, Timothy Olson, MD, PhD, Janet Kwiatkowski, MD, MSCE, and Charles Bailey, MD, PhD— “Defining the Epidemiology and Impacts of Iron Overload in Children Undergoing Bone Marrow Transplants for Non-malignant Blood Disorders” 

Congratulations to our awarded teams who will conduct these innovative one-year projects! Be sure to visit Clinical Futures' website and PolicyLab’s pilot grant landing page to learn more the program and awardees.