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Announcing Our Fall 2022 Pilot Grant Program Awardees

Through PolicyLab’s joint pilot grant program with Clinical Futures, we have the opportunity to review proposals for pioneering research studies aimed at answering cutting edge clinical questions, developing or informing clinical programs, or influencing practice and policy for children and families in our community. PolicyLab has proudly funded 11 projects thus far, and I am excited to announce our fall 2022 Clinical Futures and PolicyLab pilot grant funding awardees:

Zoe Bouchelle, MD, Timothy Nelin, MD, Elizabeth Salazar, MD, and Andrea Duncan, MD, MS — “A Pilot Study of Cash Transfers to Low-Income Preterm Infants and Their Caregivers”

  • The team will determine the feasibility and acceptability of randomizing high-value and low-value unconditional cash transfers (UCTs) to low-income caregivers of preterm infants beginning in the first month of life and continuing for a 4-month period. They also seek to understand caregivers’ lived experiences managing the financial impact of having a preterm infant and the perceived impact, if any, of the UCTs both during and after discharge from the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Read more about the project here.

Dori Abel, MD, Chén Kenyon, MD, MSHP, Sabrina Gmuca, MD, MSCE, David Anderson, MD, and Levon Utidjian, MD, MBI — “Medication Adherence and Clinical Outcomes in Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis (JIA)”

  • This pilot study is designed to: determine the association between medication adherence and disease activity in JIA; identify patient-level characteristics associated with medication adherence in JIA; and explore patient and caregiver perceptions of the mechanisms that influence medication adherence. 

A big congratulations to our awarded teams who will conduct these innovative one-year projects. Be sure to visit Clinical Futures' website and PolicyLab’s pilot grant landing page to learn more the program.

Additionally, several research teams have recently wrapped up their PolicyLab-funded pilot grant projects. Read more below to learn about the results of each project and to explore related resources.