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Refugee Health Care in the United States

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Over the last decade, nearly 200,000 refugee children have resettled across the United States. Once resettled, our nation’s comprehensive refugee health screening program helps ensure that refugee children and families are healthy enough to start school and successfully integrate into U.S. society. 

In this webinar, PolicyLab researcher Katherine Yun, MD, MHS, and Minnesota Department of Health's Refugee Health Coordinator Blain Mamo, MPH, discuss how health systems and community organizations can ensure refugee children and families do not face disparities in health care due to the social, economic and geographic factors outside of their control. Specifically, the webinar examines common models of refugee health care and how we can use tools to standardize care for all refugees.

You can find a PDF copy of the slides used in this webinar here.


Yun K, Mamo B