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The Child Care Crisis: Partnering with Health Care to Build a Stronger System

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For years the U.S. has faced a child care crisis—one which the COVID-19 pandemic has only exacerbated.

Caregivers are finding it challenging to afford and access child care, which is affecting their ability to remain in the workforce. At the same time, child care providers are struggling with increasing operational costs and outdated infrastructure and facilities. But with heightened attention from policymakers and innovations to connect child care and pediatric health care, there are many new opportunities emerging to address these issues.

On Nov. 17, PolicyLab hosted a virtual conversation titled, “The Child Care Crisis: Partnering with Health Care to Build a Stronger System,” with child care and health care providers and policy and research experts who shared their perspectives on these issues and more. They discussed important questions such as: What role can health care systems play in supporting early childhood education? What challenges exist to facilitating coordination between sectors? What current policy changes can further support the health and well-being of children, caregivers and child care providers?

The discussion was informed by PolicyLab’s recent issue brief, “Policy Considerations to Ensure Accessible and Quality Child Care,” which highlights needed policy changes for a robust, quality child care system and outlines pressing issues that warrant further attention.

Panelists included:


Boone Z, Hogan L, Sonnier L, Gerdes M