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Adolescents and E-cigarettes: Trends and What Pediatricians Need to Know

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Ninety percent of adult smokers start as teens and consequently, youth are the tobacco industry’s primary target. As pediatric providers and researchers, it’s our responsibility to provide thoughtful approaches to protect youth from the harmful effects of the industry’s deadly, addictive products. PolicyLab research has shown that we can intervene not only with our patients, but with their parents by providing nicotine replacement therapy and other intergenerational cessation services at their child’s clinic visit. In this webinar, PolicyLab researcher Dr. Brian Jenssen aimed to: 

  • Update participants on trends in child and adolescent e-cigarette use
  • Prepare participants with latest health-related evidence regarding e-cigarettes to help address their use in clinical practice
  • Provide background to enable participants to contribute to policy discussions regarding e-cigarettes 

You can find a PDF copy of the slides used in this webinar here.


Jenssen BP