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Evaluating Adolescent Access to Confidential Family Planning Services Following Changes to Title X Funding Regulations

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Through the federal family planning program, Title X, all minors seeking care at a Title X-funded clinic are legally allowed to access confidential services, including sexually transmitted disease testing, contraception and pregnancy counseling, without a parent or guardian even in states without that explicit protection.

In May 2019, the federal government enacted new rules that forced many clinics to leave the Title X program and lose the unique legal protections permitting them to offer confidential services to minors.

This Research at a Glance highlights recent PolicyLab research that sought to understand how the rule change impacted minors’ access to confidential family planning services across the U.S. and if there were disparities in loss of access.  


Krass P, Tam V, Min J, Joslin I, Khabie L, Wilkinson TA, Wood SM