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Zi Wang MS


Zi Wang is a biostatistician at PolicyLab at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP). She has been working at CHOP as a student informatics research assistant in the second semester of her master’s degree training at the University of Pennsylvania’s Perelman School of Medicine (Penn). Collaborating closely with clinical investigators on a variety of health-related projects, Zi applies a range of advanced statistical techniques in support of scientific research studies and experiments. She also participates in the planning and interpretation of research, consults with scientific investigators, determines statistical analysis strategies, and constructs analysis methodologies. Zi is interested in the field of causal inference in observational studies, infectious disease modeling, measurement error and misclassification, and methods for genetic research of human complex diseases.

Zi has joined PolicyLab to work with our interdisciplinary team from CHOP and Penn, alongside global experts, to project COVID-19 case counts and create forecasting plots across 800+ U.S. counties with active outbreaks. She works closely with Drs. David Rubin and Jing Huang to build and refine forecasting models of local area transmission using real-time data, known as “COVID-Lab: Mapping COVID-19 In Your Community,” which tracks coronavirus transmission and test positivity rates across all U.S. counties to identify emerging hotspots and select local strategies for reducing the spread of the virus.