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Tara Ketterer MPH

Clinical Research Program Manager

Tara Ketterer (she/her) is a clinical research program manager at PolicyLab at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP). She has over a decade of clinical research experience in pediatric emergency medicine and specializes in qualitative research, as well as provides expertise and guidance for researchers and trainees across a broad range of content areas. Tara mentors individuals at all levels of their professional careers and leads teams throughout the research process. 

Tara works for the Chief of the Emergency Department, Dr. Cynthia Mollen, part-time, and works with different teams across pediatric emergency medicine, adolescent medicine, adult emergency medicine and medical education disciplines. She offers project management, methodological and analytical research guidance, and provides tailored interview training, interviewer expertise, coding and analysis training, and manuscript writing support/guidance. 

Tara supports and leads physicians, advanced practice providers, researchers, trainees and staff on a number of research projects, from contraception research to improving medical education for clinicians. 

After over five years at Policylab, she relocated to San Diego, Calif. and is fully remote.