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Ensuring Comprehensive Care and Support for Gender Non-Conforming Children and Adolescents

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This PolicyLab Evidence to Action brief provides information and recommendations for practitioners, administrators, and policymakers to ensure comprehensive care and support and improve health and well-being for gender non-conforming children and adolescents. Although the authors of this brief work within the health care environment, the recommendations are broader since the health care system will not achieve these recommendations on its own. 

This brief: (1) offers definitions and context related to care for gender non-conforming children and adolescents, (2) describes the unique health care needs of gender non- conforming youth and the obstacles encountered when seeking care, (3) argues that improving the health of gender non-conforming youth will require actions beyond the health care system and proposes recommendations for school systems, as well as broader public policy changes, and (4) provides a final summary and additional resources. 


Dowshen N, Meadows R, Byrnes M, Hawkins L, Eder J, Noonan K