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Transgender Youth Experiences with Implantable GnRH Agonists for Puberty Suppression

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This descriptive study reports caregiver experiences with GnRH agonist implants among a cohort of youth followed in a pediatric hospital-based gender clinic. We administered a survey to 36 of 55 eligible caregivers ascertaining demographics and satisfaction, with a medical record review of any surgical complications. The overwhelming majority (97.1%) reported satisfaction with the procedure and would undergo the implant procedure again (94.4%). The most frequent challenges noted were about affordability (39.8%) and insurance denials (39.8%). Implantable GnRH agonist can be used successfully in pediatric patients with gender dysphoria. Future policy should seek to address concerns regarding insurance approval and reimbursement.


Hobson B, Lett E, Hawkins LA, Swendiman RA, Nance ML, Dowshen N