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Implementation Resources to Support Teachers’ Use of Behavioral Classroom Interventions: Protocol of a Randomized Pilot Trial

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Teacher-delivered behavioral classroom management interventions are effective for students with or at-risk for attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) or other disruptive behavior challenges, but they can be difficult for teachers to use in the classroom. In this study, we will pilot test a package of implementation strategies to support teachers in using behavioral classroom interventions for students with ADHD symptoms. We will use a 2-group, randomized controlled trial to compare outcomes for teachers who receive Positive Behavior Management Implementation Resources (PBMIR), a theory and data-driven implementation resource package designed to increase teacher implementation of behavioral classroom management interventions, with those who do not receive this additional implementation support. We will measure teacher implementation outcomes (e.g., observed fidelity to behavioral classroom interventions) and student clinical outcomes (e.g., ADHD-related impairment, ADHD symptoms, student–teacher relationship, academic performance) before and after an 8-week intervention period for both groups; we will also measure teacher-reported acceptability, appropriateness, and feasibility for the PBMIR group following the intervention period. If there is preliminary evidence of feasibility and effectiveness, this pilot study will provide the foundation for evaluation the PBMIR at a larger scale and the potential to improve outcomes for students with or at risk for ADHD.


Lawson GM, Sarno Owens J, Mandell DS, Tavlin S, Rufe S, Lyon AR, Eiraldi R, Power TJ