The Impact of Cell Phone Support on Psychosocial Outcomes for Youth Living with HIV Nonadherent to Antiretroviral Therapy

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Mobile health interventions to promote adherence to antiretroviral therapy among adolescents and young adults living with HIV represent a promising strategy. This pilot study (N = 37) evaluated the psychosocial impacts of an efficacious adherence intervention, cell phone support (CPS). Participants receiving CPS reported significant decreases in perceived stress, depression, and illicit substance use, and increases in self-efficacy during at least one study assessment period, in comparison to participants receiving usual care. Future research using a larger sample should test for mediators of treatment efficacy to further characterize how cell phone interventions impact adherence.


Sayegh CS, MacDonell KK, Clark LF, Dowshen NL, Naar S, Olson-Kennedy J, van den Berg JJ, Xu J, Belzer M