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HPV Vaccinations at Acute Visits and Subsequent Adolescent Preventive Visits

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Human papillomavirus (HPV) causes >35 000 cancers each year in the United States, yet vaccination rates remain lower than other recommended adolescent immunizations. Since adolescents frequently miss well-visits, capturing any visit opportunities for vaccination at acute and chronic care visits is important. However, some clinicians are concerned that when children are vaccinated at acute or chronic visits, they may not return for preventive care. To address this concern, we analyzed visits in 37 pediatric practices across the United States, hypothesizing that HPV vaccination at acute and chronic primary care visits would have limited or no impact on timeliness of subsequent well-visits.



Fiks AG, Hannan C, Localio R, Kelly M, Stephens-Shields AJ, Grundmeier RW, Shone LP, Steffes J, Breck A, Wright M, Rand CM, Albertin C, Humiston SG, McFarland G, Abney DE, Szilagyi PG