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Editors' Note: Third Annual Report Regarding JAACAP's Antiracist Journey

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In 2020, we wrote to you of our dedication and vision for JAACAP "to be antiracist at every level." Over the last 3 years, we have pursued initiatives "to reshape the Journal to pursue this vision." In this article, we provide an update on these goals and initiatives. With the launching of our new open access journal, JAACAP Open, in late 2022, we now extend these initiatives to both scientific journals in the JAACAP family and aspire to be a leader among mental health journals in our intentional pursuit of antiracist policies and practices.


Novins DK, Singh MK, Althoff RR, Bagot KS, Brotman MA, DelBello MP, Dickstein DP, Doyle AE, Drury SS, Findling RL, Fortuna LR, Fristad MA, Middeldorp CM, Njoroge WFM, Rogers CE, Pumariega AJ, Bath E, Tobón AL, Thompson-Felix T; Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Emerging Leaders Fellows; Billingsley MK; JAACAP Journal Family