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College Health Administrator’s Perceptions of the Impacts of COVID-19 on College Immunization Programs

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College immunization policies vary. To evaluate the landscape of college immunization programs, we distributed a 45-item survey to college health administrators between July and September 2021. Items measured perceptions of institutionally recommended and required vaccines, enforcement strategies, barriers to vaccine uptake, and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Of 566 invitations sent, only 66 college health administrators completed the survey (11.7% response rate). The majority of participating institutions (89%) required at least one vaccine, with measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) being the most commonly required (83%). Geographic region, school type, or size was not significantly correlated with immunization policies but state-level political leanings were. Common barriers to vaccine program implementation identified by respondents included student-based and institutional concerns. The COVID-19 pandemic was described as both exacerbating existing immunization program barriers and providing opportunities to strengthen programs. Future work will evaluate identified themes in a larger study population and monitor change in perceptions over time.


Anderson EM, Browne S, Moser CA, Feemster K