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New Video: Providing Better Care for Patients with Behavioral Health Concerns

Earlier this year, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia’s (CHOP) Quality Improvement Team invited PolicyLab researcher Stephanie Doupnik, MD, MSHP, to present to fellow behavioral health professionals on her recent research that can help inform high-quality care in hospital settings. She discussed what she learned when talking with clinicians, patients—who were either hospitalized for a self-harm episode or thoughts of self-harm—and caregivers about their experiences providing and receiving care during a difficult time.

“Both parents and kids, when we asked them specifically what has gone well during your hospitalization at CHOP, said our communication with clinicians. We feel the compassion, the smiles on everyone’s faces, the fact that we’re being treated with respect—all of that has made this a really positive experience for us.“

Be sure to watch Dr. Doupnik’s informative talk below and read about her team’s most recent study, in which they discovered that many youth hospitalized for suicidal ideation or suicide attempt expressed appreciation for compassionate clinicians and receiving information about what to expect for their continuing treatment.