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New PolicyLab Research at a Glance Explores Reaching Mothers Through Intergenerational Care in Pediatric Settings

Here at PolicyLab, we know that high-quality preventive health care for both mothers and their babies is critical to promoting long-term health. However, many new mothers are not getting the critical preventive care they need to stay healthy in the year following birth, which can lead to adverse health outcomes for them and for their children.

In our new Research at a Glance brief, we review a PolicyLab and Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia study, led by PolicyLab researcher Emily Gregory, MD, MHS, that explores when and where mothers and infants are getting preventive care in the year after birth between adult and pediatric settings, and how this information could help maximize future health outcomes using an intergenerational approach. Be sure to read the Research at a Glance and a blog post that further explains this important body of work.