New Brief Highlights the Value of Using Expedited Partner Therapy to Support PA Youth’s Sexual Health

PolicyLab released an informative issue brief today in which our researchers highlight current evidence of the effectiveness of expedited partner therapy (EPT) and outline recommendations for Pennsylvania policymakers to implement a law that provides clear legal authority for providers and pharmacists to prescribe and provide EPT.

EPT is an efficient patient-delivered partner therapy used to help prevent the spread of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) by providing the patient with extra medication or a prescription to give their sex partner(s) who are unable or unwilling to seek treatment. This is an evidence-based practice that is widely supported and is shown to be cost-effective from a societal and health perspective.

We hope this brief can help contribute to the implementation of a safe practice environment that would encourage Pennsylvania’s medical providers to use EPT to treat their patients, including adolescents, and help to curb the widespread of STIs.

Find the brief here.