Launch of PolicyLab’s Behavioral Health Portfolio

We are very excited to announce that PolicyLab has launched its fifth research portfolio focused exclusively on behavioral health. Recognizing behavioral health as a critical component of a child’s growth and development, we’ve expanded our team of experts and are partnering with Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia’s Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, as well as others across the CHOP network, on the research that will be featured in this new portfolio.

Our mission is to improve mental and behavioral health outcomes for children, adolescents and their families through research and partnerships with clinicians, communities and policymakers. Our research is focused in the following areas: 1) evidence-based prevention and treatment, 2) integration into community settings, 3) integration into medical settings, and 4) screening and connecting to care.

Our team is deeply committed to understanding how to improve behavioral health care for children and families regardless of where they access services, and the addition of this portfolio will allow our researchers to look across the spectrum of mental and behavioral health and develop collaborations to enhance this important work. For more information on the research under this portfolio, read our new Behavioral Health Portfolio overview brief.