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CNN Article Features PolicyLab Brief on Non-Medical Formulary Switching

Last week, CNN published an online article highlighting an important issue known as non-medical formulary switching (NMFS)—a common tactic that occurs when insurers alter the prescription drugs they cover to those for which they can negotiate a lower price. When insurers change asthma medication coverage, families must either pay more out-of-pocket for the original medication or switch medications, which can put their child at risk for increased asthma flare ups and hospitalizations. CNN quoted PolicyLab researcher and Medical Director of Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia’s Community Asthma Prevention Program Tyra Bryant-Stephens, MD, on the harms NMFS can cause for children with asthma and linked to a recent PolicyLab policy brief that provides recommendations to insurers, clinicians and families for improving practices so that children with asthma can stay healthy. Be sure to check out the CNN article here and read our policy brief here.