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PolicyLab experts responded to a Request for Comment on Pennsylvania's proposed changes to child care subsidy regulations "Subsidized Child Care Eligibility Requirements." More specifically, the experts provide their feedback to various proposed changes to the regulations in regard...


Matone M, Gerdes M, Dechert T, Williams S, La Rochelle C

As pediatric health experts who see the consequences of firearm injury firsthand, we recognize the urgency for action on this issue and have identified unintentional firearm injury and death as a promising starting point for intervention. Together with the Center for Violence Preve...


Krass P, Cavello L, Sabrick J, Matone M, Rosenquist R, Fein JA

In June 2020, immigrant community leaders and other stakeholders working directly with immigrant communities and those with limited English proficiency in Pennsylvania were invited to complete an online survey to help the PA Department of Health’s Office of Health Equity better und...


Yun K, Montoya-Williams D, Wallis K, Hume M, Drummond S, La Rochelle C, Rosenquist R

In collaboration with the Pennsylvania Office of Child Development and Early Learning (OCDEL), PolicyLab conducted a county-level needs assessment of the health of children, mothers, and families, as well as the social and environmental circumstances of families and communities acr...


Matone M, Marshall D, Whittaker J, Kellom K, Garcia S, Dechert T, Wang X