Tools and Memos

On behalf of Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, researchers at PolicyLab responded to a request for comment on the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) draft research plan for evaluating “Screening for Autism Spectrum Disorder in Young Children." In reviewing the draft r...


Wallis KE, Bennett A, Gerdes M, Guthrie W, Levy SE, Miller JS

PolicyLab responded to a Request for Information from the Health Resources and Services Administration seeking input as they begin a new strategic plan for the Maternal and Child Health Bureau. In this letter, PolicyLab draws on relevant research and expertise from our community of...


La Rochelle C, Lane K, DeRubio T

PolicyLab experts responded to a Request for Comment on Pennsylvania's proposed changes to child care subsidy regulations "Subsidized Child Care Eligibility Requirements." More specifically, the experts provide their feedback to various proposed changes to the regulations in regard...


Matone M, Gerdes M, Dechert T, Williams S, La Rochelle C