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PolicyLab recently underwent a strategic planning process for its 2020-2023 fiscal years intended to identify how the center can best support its tremendous growth and make further progress towards its mission. PolicyLab’s strategic plan outlines its vision and three-year strategic...


In 2016, PolicyLab researchers found that despite getting their own health care through an employer, caregivers were increasingly choosing Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) to provide insurance for their children. Today, a new national PolicyLab study publ...


Strane D, Kanter G, Matone M, Glaser H, Rubin D

Families with young children face a number of challenges that can influence a child’s opportunities for health and success, ranging from financial insecurity to caregiver depression. The support that families receive during early childhood can lay the foundation for a child’s futur...


Gerdes M, Matone M, Guevara J