Evidence to Action Briefs

This Evidence to Action brief draws on lessons learned through PolicyLab's evaluation of the Pennsylvania Nurse-Family Partnership, and presents key concepts and recommendations for public health program evaluation. As many maternal and child home visitation programs scale up unde...

Meredith Matone, Cara Curtis, Arina Chesnokova, Katherine Yun, Amanda Kreider, Meredith Curtis, David Rubin

This Evidence to Action brief provides an overview of data collection systems and identifies strategies to improve tracking of child abuse and neglect cases. Nearly one out of every 100 children in the United States were identified by state child protective service (CPS) agencies ...


Sheyla P. Medina, Katherine Sell, Jane Kavanagh, Cara Curtis, Joanne N. Wood

This Evidence to Action brief highlights PolicyLab's work related to developmental screenings for young children. Developmental delays affect between 10 and 13 percent of U.S. children under the age of three; however, only two to three percent of children in this age group receive...


Jane Kavanagh, Marsha Gerdes, Katherine Sell, Manuel Jimenez, James Guevara

This Evidence to Action brief highlights the risks associated with childbearing during adolescence, for both the mother and the child, and it recommends practical, data-driven actions for reducing pregnancy during adolescence. Adolescent pregnancy continues to be one of our nation...


Christine M. Forke, Cynthia Mollen, Sarah Zlotnik, Jane E. Kavanaugh, Katherine Sell, Kathleen Noonan

This Evidence to Action brief documents the crucial role that timely prevention, detection and intervention services play in achieving positive health outcomes for children with mental health disorders, and it identifies action steps that state and federal policy makers can take to...


Jane E. Kavanagh, Elizabeth Brooks, Susan Dougherty, Marsha Gerdes, James Guevara, and David Rubin

This Evidence to Action brief identifies action steps that can be taken by state and federal policy makers  that could improve placement stability for children in foster care, thereby improving the health, educational, and social-emotional outcomes for these children. Placement in...


Kathleen Noonan, David Rubin, Robin Mekonnen, Sarah Zlotnik, and Amanda O’Reilly