Evidence to Action Briefs

Despite the well-documented benefits of and broad bipartisan support for children’s coverage, the U.S. has seen rising numbers of uninsured children since 2017, with nearly half a million children losing insurance coverage. Increasing premiums and rising out-of-pocket costs in the...


Rubin D, Rosenquist R, McCarthy-Alfano M, Strane D, Glaser A

Despite availability and routine recommendation of these vaccines, approximately 42,000 adults and 300 children in the United States still die each year from vaccine-preventable diseases. While ongoing vaccination programs help to keep these diseases at bay, some vaccine-preventabl...


Nabet B, Gable J, Eder J, Feemster K

This PolicyLab Evidence to Action brief provides information and recommendations for practitioners, administrators, and policymakers to ensure comprehensive care and support and improve health and well-being for gender non-conforming children and adolescents. Although the authors o...


Dowshen N, Meadows R, Byrnes M, Hawkins L, Eder J, Noonan K

This Evidence to Action brief presents data from the longitudinal Children’s Stability and Well-Being study (CSAW), which followed a cohort of children in foster care placement, and identifies related systems recommendations to improve school success for children involved with chil...


David Rubin, Amanda O’Reilly, Sarah Zlotnik, Taylor Hendricks, Catherine Zorc, Meredith Matone, Kathleen Noonan

This Evidence to Action brief draws on lessons learned through PolicyLab's evaluation of the Pennsylvania Nurse-Family Partnership, and presents key concepts and recommendations for public health program evaluation. As many maternal and child home visitation programs scale up unde...

Meredith Matone, Cara Curtis, Arina Chesnokova, Katherine Yun, Amanda Kreider, Meredith Curtis, David Rubin