Partner Toolkit - Growth of Public Coverage Among Working Families in the Private Sector

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In 2016, PolicyLab researchers found that despite getting their own health care through an employer, caregivers were increasingly choosing Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) to provide insurance for their children. Today, a new national PolicyLab study published in Health Affairs puts this issue back into the spotlight. Our researchers found that more working families are depending on Medicaid and CHIP than ever before. 

These findings suggest that the rising cost of health insurance is pricing more families out of using employer-sponsored care for their children, leading them to seek support from public insurance programs. This partner toolkit contains key messages, suggested tweets, infographics and a newsletter blurb that you can use to disseminate these messages to your networks. 


Strane D, Kanter G, Matone M, Glaser H, Rubin D