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Sarah Wozniak

Clinical Research Coordinator

Sarah Wozniak (she/her) is a clinical research coordinator at PolicyLab and the Center for Autism Research (CAR) at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP). Sarah works with Dr. Kate Wallis to identify and address the causes of disparities in the early detection and diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) among children from minority backgrounds. These projects aim to examine the current ASD screening and referral processes and develop new tools to improve this process. In addition to the work conducted at PolicyLab with Dr. Wallis, Sarah coordinates clinical drug trials within CAR and the Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics department at CHOP.

Sarah earned her BA in Psychology at Temple University. While studying at Temple, she worked as an undergraduate research assistant on a behavioral health study at CHOP testing the effectiveness of group cognitive behavioral therapy in Philadelphia schools. Before joining PolicyLab and CAR, she worked in the neurology department at CHOP as a clinical research assistant on industry-sponsored epilepsy and rett syndrome trials.