Recognizing Mental Health Awareness Month

In recognition of Mental Health Awareness Month, we released a new video in which our experts highlight some of the biggest challenges families may face with behavioral health during early childhood, and how through research conducted with partners across Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, they’re working to identify solutions to ensure all youth can be their healthiest selves. 

Watch the video below, and be sure to check out a related blog post written by Policy and Strategy Manager Radha Pennotti, and PolicyLab researcher Dr. Wanjikũ F.M. Njoroge, in which they dive deeper on the policy levers available to strengthen behavioral health supports for caregivers, and in turn, their children.

To keep up with PolicyLab’s mental and behavioral health-focused research and resources this Mental Health Awareness Month and year-round, be sure to explore the projects under our Behavioral Health Portfolio and follow along with us on Twitter at @PolicyLabCHOP.