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Our care for children and families drives our evidence-to-action approach.

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From the Director

This has been another busy year for the PolicyLab team amidst an evolving landscape for children and families. Even as the public health emergency ended for COVID-19, anxiety and challenges still abounded across communities. Meanwhile, our research, policy, and communications teams renewed their focus on PolicyLab’s long-standing issues as the year progressed, responding to heightened challenges that have been aggravated by the pandemic, and new ones that have since emerged. Guiding us through this period was PolicyLab’s 2019–2022 strategic plan, positioning our teams to elevate high-quality research, while achieving impacts across the region and beyond. Several of these accomplishments are highlighted here in our second annual Impact Report, which covers the timeframe of May 15, 2021–May 15, 2022.

We rounded out the year with PolicyLab Forum 2022, forging new partnerships and talking solutions with an interdisciplinary group of policymakers, program developers, child health advocates, researchers, public health professionals, providers and education leaders. The event was re-energizing and provided fresh resolve as we pivot toward the future of our research and policy portfolios.

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David Rubin, MD, MSCE

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The mission of PolicyLab at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) is to achieve optimal child health and well-being by informing program and policy changes through interdisciplinary research. PolicyLab is a Center of Emphasis within Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Research Institute, one of the largest pediatric research institutes in the country.

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