Improving Health Care Delivery

We design and evaluate programs to improve family experience and child health outcomes within health systems because our work as clinicians tells us we can do better

Provider-Patient Relationships

PolicyLab is researching shared decision making and other communication strategies with a goal of improving provider-patient relationships for children, families, and the providers.
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Adolescent Health

PolicyLab research and intervention work focuses on addressing teens’ access to care, with an emphasis on providing services in teen-friendly spaces; improving healthy behaviors; supporting the needs of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) youth; and increasing independence within the health care system.
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Prevention and Primary Care

PolicyLab’s research focuses on improving the delivery of preventive health care services for children, including screening for developmental delays and ensuring that children and adolescents receive vaccines.
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Complex Medical Needs

PolicyLab's research aims to better understand and address the unique needs of families living with children with complex medical needs.
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Technology and Health

PolicyLab is researching innovative ways to use new and existing technologies to improve health outcomes for children.
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Health System Performance

PolicyLab’s research examines local, state, and federal health systems to inform policy and practice changes aimed at improving child health and well-being.
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