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Aug, 2016

Griffis H, Matone M, Kellom K, Concors EQuarshie WFrench B, Rubin D, Cronholm PF

BACKGROUND: Home visiting programs represent an important primary prevention strategy for adverse prenatal health behaviors; the various ways in which home visiting programs impact prenatal smoking cessation and reduction behaviors remain understudied. METHODS: Mixed methods approach us...

Apr, 2016

Knight A, Vickery M, Muscal E, Davis A, Harris J, Soybilgic A, Onel K, Schanberg L, Rubinstein T, Gottlieb B, Mandell D, von Scheven E, for the CARRA Investigators

OBJECTIVE: To identify targets for improving mental healthcare of adolescents with systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) by assessing current practices and perceived barriers for mental health intervention by pediatric rheumatology clinicians. METHODS: Members of the Childhood Arthriti...

Dec, 2015

Eisen MH, Rubin DM

In the current accountable care organization (ACO) environment, pediatric health systems and hospitals are striving toward better population health management and cost control as they begin to assume the risk for the use of health care resources and spending. In this issue of JAMA Pediat...

Oct, 2015

Lindberg D, Beaty B, Juarez-Colunga E, Wood J, Runyan D

OBJECTIVE: Child physical abuse is commonly missed, putting abused children at risk for repeated injury and death. Several so-called sentinel injuries have been suggested to be associated with high rates of abuse, and to imply the need for routine testing for other, occult traumatic inju...

Sep, 2015

 Szilagy MA, Rosen DS, Rubin D, Zlotnik S

Children and adolescents involved with child welfare, especially those who are removed from their family of origin and placed in out-of-home care, often present with complex and serious physical, mental health, developmental, and psychosocial problems rooted in childhood adversity and tr...

Jun, 2015

Matone M, Zlotnik S, Miller D, Kreider A, Rubin DM, Noonan K

At the request of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Department of Human Services (DHS), PolicyLab analyzed trends in the use of psychotropic medications by Medicaid-enrolled children and youth in Pennsylvania, including those specifically in foster care. The analysis focused on the use of...

May, 2015

Matone M, Zlotnik S, Noonan K, Miller D, Rubin DM

This Evidence to Action brief provides an in-depth look at antipsychotic medication prescribing to children on Medicaid and in foster care. At PolicyLab, our research portfolio on psychotropic medication prescribing grew from clinical concern that an increased number of children in fost...