Guidance for In-person Education in K-12 Educational Settings

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With evidence that COVID-19 is becoming a milder infection in most children, and at a time when all adults and youth in K-12 settings have been offered vaccination, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) and PolicyLab at CHOP support in-person education, even in times of significant community transmission, and propose new guidance that reduces excessive burden to school staff and families.

CHOP and PolicyLab's updated guidance can help school communities and families best navigate in moments of uncertainty and high community transmission from here forward in order to assure equity in access to in-school education across all school districts. This guidance goes further than that of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) in allowing more exposed but asymptomatic children and staff to return to school and reducing staff burden for contact tracing and weekly testing of asymptomatic individuals.

This updated guidance replaces previous PolicyLab guidance for in-person schooling published in August 2021. 

To view PolicyLab and CHOP's guidance on managing COVID-19 and other seasonal viruses for early care and education settings and families of children under 5 years old, click here.


Rubin D, Coffin S, Fisher B, Gerber J, Matone M