Quick Reference Guide for Reopening Schools

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This guidance has been updated and expanded upon in October 2020 to provide the latest evidence and continued support to local jurisdictions and school administers as they negotiate the dynamic challenges of this pandemic. Find our updated policy review for in-person schooling here, and an executive summary, which outlines key informational priorities discussed in this updated review, here.
With schools in the United States considering strategies to safely hold in-classroom instruction amid the COVID-19 pandemic, we prepared this quick reference guide to support local jurisdictions and school administrators in their planning. Based on our more comprehensive policy review, “Evidence and Considerations for School Reopenings,” this document summarizes the latest emerging evidence on how COVID-19 presents in children, our suggestions for community transmission thresholds for school reopening and an overview of our recommended safety protocols for K-12 in-school learning. Please reference our policy review for more details. Trends in incidence and test positivity rates for many counties across the United States are displayed in our COVID-Lab model
All decision-makers should be mindful that as long as there are cases of SARS-CoV-2 in the community, there are no strategies that can eliminate transmission risk in schools entirely. The goal is to keep transmission as low as possible so as to safely continue school activities 

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