Screening and Connecting to Care

Jan 2013

OBJECTIVE: To determine the effectiveness of developmental screening on the identification of developmental delays, early intervention (EI) referrals, and EI eligibility. METHODS: This randomized controlled, parallel-group trial was conducted from December 2008 to June 2010 in 4 u...


Guevara JP, Gerdes M, Localio R, Huang YV, Pinto-Martin J, Minkovitz CS, Hsu D, Kyriakou L, Baglivo S, Kavanagh J, Pati S

Marsha Gerdes PhD
Senior Psychologist
Dr. Gerdes’ many interests include neurodevelopmental outcome of infants with preterm birth and congenital abnormalities, developmental and behavioral screening, and parenting support for depressed caregivers.
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