Integration into Medical Settings

Mar 2017

BACKGROUND: Children and adolescents necessitating hospitalization for physical health conditions are at high risk for mental health conditions; however, the prevalence of mental health conditions and symptoms among hospitalized children and adolescents is uncertain. The objective ...


Doupnik SK, Henry MK, Bae H, Litman J, Turner S, Scharko AM, Feudtner C

Rhonda Boyd
Rhonda Boyd PhD
Faculty Member
Dr. Boyd’s research focuses on developing interventions for families with maternal depression, screening and facilitating access to behavioral health treatment for perinatal women and understanding developmental psychopathology of at-risk youth.
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Nov 2016

We sought to determine feasibility and acceptability of parental depression screening in urban pediatric practices. We recruited seven practices to participate. Patient Health Questionnaire-2, a validated two-item screening tool, was used to screen for depressive symptoms at 1-3 ye...


Guevara JP, Gerdes M, Rothman B, Igbokidi V, Doughterty S, Localio R, Boyd RC